GLASS TEMPLE is pleased to present its first entirely virtual exhibition: Sébastien Gerber - Ruines. Ruines is a work originating in Biel (BE), Switzerland, the artist's hometown. Being used of photographing outside his home region and abroad, Sébastien Gerber has for the past year sought to represent a more immediate urban environment. Many images that resulted from this unusual approach for the artist were characterised by the semiconscious representation of the passage of time. Industrial buildings condemned to demolition, a stuffed animal, altered vegetation, are many examples which show the last moments of the cycle of existence until the inevitable principle of death. However, Sébastien Gerber expresses a form of suggested wear, oblique and often poetic, rather than blatantly depicting the purpose of his photographic subjects. In addition, his images are part of a very personal form of documentation. Thus, the exercise of memory in Ruines manifests itself in the establishment of an archive of the emotion related to its subject. This exhibition is made up of a selection of twenty-five images taken between 2019 and 2020 and presented for the first time through the virtual platform Kunstmatrix.



Sébastien Gerber (1983) is a self-taught photographer based in Biel. The memory of an amateur photographer father, who developed films in his cellar and who filled family photo albums, will make him want, at the turn of the 2000s, to buy a camera. It’s the start of many years of photography without any particular ambition, other than producing images, trying things out, in all possible formats (digital, 35mm, medium format, large format, polaroid, etc.). The sudden discovery of photographers such as Stephen Shore, Alec Soth, Gregory Crewdson or Bill Henson will forge a persistent desire to develop a more defined style. Sébastien shares his time between working as a graphic designer and carrying out freelance photographic or video works, notably by producing videos for various Swiss bands. In addition to these activities, he also runs a small publishing structure called Bergtatt, which publishes photographers from Biel.