Totally free, independent and constantly evolving, GLASS TEMPLE is a curatorial project based in Geneva, Switzerland organizing contemporary art exhibitions. The project aims to develop artistic events through close collaboration with artists and by creating them free space to experiment. GLASS TEMPLE works with artists with strong visual identity and curates exhibitions anywhere considered interesting and relevant, sometimes the opposite of urban centers.


The name refers to an architectural form attributed to certain cultural institutions whose appearance is transparent. This architectural transparency allows people from outside to see inside and get an idea what interesting things there may be inside. In the same way, GLASS TEMPLE cultivates these inclusive values and wants to connect art with the human.



LE SALON is a small independent exhibition space parallel to the GLASS TEMPLE project. Located in a private apartment in the city of Lancy (GE), it is the living room of a joint tenancy in which artists are regularly invited to appropriate it. LE SALON is a place of experimentation and offers a free platform for the artistic and curatorial practice. Moreover, LE SALON is a place of exchange and conviviality in which everyone is invited to take part. Finally, like any self-respecting salon, you can enjoy a cup of tea and some snacks while contemplating the works of the current exhibition (as well as our mascot, Shiva the Sphynx cat).


Opening time:

LE SALON is currently closed.

A new exhibition will be announced soon.